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About TruLoan Mortgage

We founded TruLoan Mortgage to create a lending experience that everyone involved will love. With a fundamental belief that the American Dream includes home ownership and that home financing can be as positive and enjoyable an experience as choosing your dream home, we formed TruLoan Mortgage. We love working here and you’ll love your home financing experience working with our team of experienced mortgage professionals.

What we do is residential mortgage finance, how we do it is with a delicate balance of great, personalized service and high tech, but why we do it is the reason we exist. Sure, we have a lot of loan programs to meet every need, sure we have highly competitive rates, but so do many others. Too many people report being stressed and worried through the home financing experience, which we find unnecessary. In fact, our entire existence is rooted in the fundamental belief that the lending experience can be great. At TruLoan Mortgage we deliver a lending experience you’ll love.

Meet Our Team

Daniel Jacobs
Daniel JacobsFounder | Managing Director
Daniel started in the mortgage business in 1996, a year after having a grueling first-time home buying experience in the historic Plaza-Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte and feeling there must be a better way.

After moving into management in 2000 he helped grow a modest regional mortgage company into a national brand with $4 billion in annual production and has since launched other national mortgage platforms. Daniel lead the development of custom technology management solutions to best integrate teams and create a unified culture and consistent consumer experience. In 2017 and 2018 his team was awarded prestigious national customer satisfaction awards among mid-sized national mortgage companies. Daniel has been a featured expert at industry events, in the Wall Street Journal and other national publications, has served on various Mortgage Banker’s Association committees, and is an approved TREC Instructor.

Daniel is joined at TruLoan Mortgage by key executives he has worked for nearly two decades to create a local, boutique experience and focus on the communities it serves.

A graduate of UNCC Daniel lives in the Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte, NC with his wife and three teenage children. Dining, traveling and music are Daniel’s passions when he isn’t focused on creating a lending experience to love!

Favorite Coffee Drink: French Press Dark Roast

Brenda Jarvis
Brenda JarvisFounder | EVP Business Development
A chance encounter with a friend in 1998 propelled Brenda from the restaurant business into the mortgage business where she quickly realized the positive impact she could make in her community.

Brenda has spearheaded sales and operational infrastructure, training programs, and instituted high-impact sales initiatives for national mortgage brands. These initiatives have resulted in both dynamic sales growth and award-winning customer satisfaction levels on a national level.

An active industry participant, Brenda has been a featured panelist and columnist in industry publications and events. Brenda is also a licensed mortgage loan originator, working closely in the local community experiencing the most current market trends in real time.

A resident of Charlotte’s historic SouthEnd, Brenda is also a co-owner in SouthEnd’s favorite pet store. At home (and at the store) you will find Agnes, a very happy mixed breed pup, and two cats, one of which plays fetch. A graduate of University of Evansville, Brenda lived in Ohio for years prior to moving to Charlotte. Brenda enjoys playing games (cards, poker, board), traveling, great food and friends almost as much as she enjoys the exciting journey of helping provide the means for first-time homeowners to turn the keys to their front door for the very first time.

Favorite Coffee Drink: Iced Almond Milk Latte

Matt Wise
Matt WiseFounder | Branch Manager
When Matt graduated from UNCC in the mid 90’s with a degree in Economics and wanted to continue living in Charlotte, he followed the natural career path into banking. After a few years of working hard, advancing, and learning a lot, he realized he absolutely hated banks as much as their customers do and needed to do something different. In 2000 he began working with Daniel Jacobs as a Loan Officer, with no real experience in residential finance. Within two years he was the Branch Manager and was enjoying teaching the industry to others.

The constants in Matt’s mortgage career have been creating award winning customer experiences through direct customer interaction as well as providing support and training to others to be great mortgage professionals. At TruLoan Mortgage Matt is harnessing this national experience to serve, primarily, his local community of Charlotte, NC.

Those who know Matt, know he is obsessive. When he is not creating a lending experience to love, he can be found on a tennis court somewhere in the Southeast, or holed up in his home music studio working on some idea, or chasing a toddler around the yard. He lives in Plaza Midwood with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Favorite coffee drink: Cappuccino

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